Valentine of the day: ‘Adieu dear youth…’

This week on the blog expect love, insults, moralising and puns as we post a Valentine a day in the run-up to February 14th.

The forerunner of the mass-produced Valentine’s card was a simple sentimental poem or message, written and sealed by hand.  The Valentine’s love note below was posted to a young Mr Bowler in London, probably in the 1820s.  The verses claim to be by ‘Mrs S—  the celebrated Poetess’ – or is that a clue to the identity of the sender?

Scroll down for a transcript.





Valentine’s Day


Adieu dear youth this hapless day

Tears me from all my joys away

Remov’d from Love and Thee,


Who knows a cause of all my pain

If thou will hear me once complain

Or lose one thought on Me.


Yet to regain my lost repose

My pensive mind shall soothe its woes

For ever fix’d on Thee;


On thee shall every thought attend,

But will thou ever condescend

To fix one thought on Me?


We assume Mr Bowler kept his Valentine, but we’ll never know if he returned the rather intense feelings of his admirer….



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